Is Adoption the Choice I Should Make?

Making a pregnancy decision isn’t always easy, especially if you feel overwhelmed or uncertain. And if you’ve heard about adoption, you likely have some preconceived ideas about this option. Perhaps you’ve heard the term “giving up a baby” or wonder if you can control the process.

Choosing adoption for your child can be emotional, but you can find peace knowing they are in a supportive, stable family. Giving them the chance to have a happy life is a great act of love.

Adoption has changed significantly in recent years and allows you to exercise agency over the entire process. You can choose the adoptive family, receive financial, material, and emotional support, and you won’t pay for any adoption services. Your well-being is the adoption agency’s highest priority during this time.

What Adoption Plans Exist?

Three main adoption plans are available in the United States. This is your decision, but it is helpful to know what each one entails:

  • Open adoption: This is the most common plan. You’ll establish a relationship with the child and adoptive family. You can regularly communicate via letters, phone calls, or visits. You set the terms and your desires for your level of contact.
  • Semi-open adoption: With a semi-open adoption, you can develop a relationship with the adoptive family. However, all communication occurs through a third party, such as an adoption attorney or agency.
  • Closed adoption: Closed adoptions aren’t as common, but they may be a good option if you have safety concerns or desire complete confidentiality. You do not have contact with the adoptive family, and all identifying records are sealed.

You won’t be judged for choosing a particular adoption plan. You know what conditions suit you best, and you must decide your healthiest option.

Review The Adoption Option at our center

Pregnancy Options Center of Warren County is here for you when considering adoption. We do not facilitate adoptions, but our advocates will provide the resources and referrals you need to understand whether this option is right for you.

We won’t pressure you to make a specific decision. The pregnancy decision is yours, and we are here to offer you unbiased, nonjudgmental information. Contact us today to learn more about adoption.