You may be feeling overwhelmed if you believe you’re pregnant. After all, it’s a significant life change and can cause much stress and anxiety. Remember, you’ll want to confirm your pregnancy if you take an at-home test. And if it’s positive, know that support is available.

At-Home Pregnancy Testing

Home pregnancy testing is available in various locations, such as pharmacies, grocery stores, and medical clinics. These urine-based tests detect hCG or human chorionic gonadotropin. HCG is usually only produced during pregnancy and can also be detected in your blood.

The best time to take an at-home pregnancy test is several days after your missed period or several weeks after sexual intercourse if your periods are irregular. This gives hCG time to build in your body and increases your chance of receiving an accurate result. Be sure you read the instructions carefully, as false negatives can occur. This becomes more likely if you take the test later in the day or too early. The best time of day to take a pregnancy test is first thing in the morning because your urine is most concentrated.

My Test Is Positive. What do I Do Now?

If your test is positive, try not to panic. This can be a scary time, but you still need more information. Though false positives are rare, they can happen. And it’s best to confirm your pregnancy with an ultrasound before weighing options.

Pregnancy Options Center of Warren County provides free, confidential, limited ultrasounds following a positive result at our center. We understand that learning you’re pregnant is often frightening, so we’re here to lighten the load by offering the care and resources you need. You’re welcome to bring a support person with you to your appointment. You won’t find judgment here—your well-being and comfort matter to us.

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